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Chronic Pain and depression: My new venture…


This is a very exciting time for me as I am launching with Steve Miller HypnoAntiDepressant (www.hypnoantidepressant.com) The Hypno AntiDepressant is the brand new premier, aspirational ‘virtual AntiDepressant’  that Steve Miller and I developed. It is designed to lift the emotional spirits through the roof. It’s is a refreshing aspirational hypnotherapeutic and motivational product that is massively strong and supportive, helping those suffering with depression to break free and move forward.

Training hypnotherapists

At present we are training a select group of hypnotherapists, who will be offering this service to people with low mood and/or depression from March 2019 onwards. Already we have had enquiries from the public wanting to know more about Hypno Antidepressant.

Chronic pain and depression

This is a natural step for me as pain and depression are very closely linked. Chronic pain, which goes untreated or wrongly-treated can led to tiredness and lack of hope and this alone can spark depression. As I have often said, with chronic or persistent pain, half the battle is the perception. There is some evidence that some sorts of pain, such as headaches or back pain, are a symptom of depression. Often, especially where someone is depressed, this pain can start off a circle of poor life-choices which worsen wellbeing. Substance abuse, bad eating, social isolation and insomnia are just some of the nasties which can worsen both the pain and the depression. And with both pain and depression the effects of drugs are at best limited and can even make the problem worse.

So, a full mind-changing programme with proven routines and protocols is sorely needed and I think Steve and I have delivered this. 

Wishing you a less pain day

Dr Sue 

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