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It’s been a busy few weeks, I have had the pleasure of talking to the ladies of Sandy WI about 5 steps to successful sleep. 

To give you a little flavour of the talk, I outlined the 5 steps to successful sleep based on:

S – the science of sleep

L – let it go!

E – environment

E – excuses, no more!

P – your own personal sleep programme.

The science of sleep – I started the talk by explaining briefly about the different stages of sleep in non REM and REM sleep, and what happened to our bodies during each stage. I talked about how the circadian rhythms and sleep wake homeostasis mechanisms worked together to remind us to sleep.

This was followed by a little quiz, so the ladies could identify any issues with their sleep and to see which part of my talk they needed to pay most attention to, and then apply the techniques to themselves. This created a great deal of discussion, which was great.

Letting go! Anxiety is one of the biggest reasons for insomnia, we talked about how our thoughts race round in our heads at night and techniques that we could use to stop this happened such as thought blocking and putting the day to bed by journaling.

Environment, this part of my talk focussed on sleep hygiene including lifestyle factors, the bedroom environment and bedtime routines, sharing example strategies and tips for improving all of these areas.

Excuses, no more! Using principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), we looked at how our thoughts and emotions influenced our sleep and how negative thoughts about our sleep often lead to us not sleeping.

Personal sleep plans – summarising the talk, I offered suggestions to how they could use the information presented to develop their own personal sleep plans. Although this talk was brief and offered a few suggestions they could be implemented and used straight away to improve sleep.

I finished the talk with a relaxation session to aid sleep which was thoroughly enjoyed. The feedback from the ladies was lovely and my talk provoked lots of lively discussion both within the group and many took the opportunity of talking to me on an individual basis.

If you would be interested in me doing a talk for your local group, or you suffer with sleep issues and want to find out more, please feel free to contact me sue@apaininthemind.co.uk

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