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WHEN CHRONIC PAIN INTERRUPTS YOUR SLEEP – How positive affirmations can help!

Whether you have throbbing pains, sharp pains, burning pains, or indeed any other description of pain, it’s frustrating because your chronic pain keeps you awake and its exhausting. I find that many of my patients avoid going to bed or leave it later and later to go to bed because they think that they won’t sleep, so think what’s the point of going to bed?

This sets up a vicious cycle as we associate our bed with not sleeping, so that’s what happens! Changing our negative thoughts patterns relating to our chronic pain and sleep will help improve our sleep.

“ I don’t know how to change my thoughts about my chronic pain and sleep”

Often, I’m told, “I don’t know where to start changing my thoughts” so here is a guide to help change those negative thoughts about your chronic pain and lack of sleep by replacing them with positive affirmations. Imagine, lying in your comfortable bed closing your eyes, enjoying a good night’s sleep and in the morning, you wake feel rested and refreshed. Using positive affirmations, you could be doing this!

Why positive affirmations work.

This works because your unconscious mind accepts what you think and say as true, so the ability to transform your negative thoughts into positive thoughts will serve you well in many areas of your life. When we keep  repeating to ourselves our positive self- talk such as positive affirmations  and challenging our negative beliefs about chronic pain and sleep, slowly our negative believes begin to unravel and are replaced by our more confident and positive beliefs. New neural pathways are developed which interrupt old unhelpful thought patterns about your chronic pain and sleep and employ new ideas and are useful in aiding you to a restful night’s sleep.

You need to practice positive affirmations regularly for maximum effect.

Below are a few positive affirmations which you can use or develop your own. Choose the one that suits you best and repeat it several times whilst you are in bed, just before you fall asleep. Keep your affirmation short as there are meant to inspire you not instruct you! Repeat them slowly.

To enhance their effectiveness, say if you were repeating them 5 times, you might like to try gently pressing down on each finger on your hand until you have completed the affirmations. Visualise what the words mean to you and let your body and mind absorb these affirmations.

Like all good habits, you will need to practice your positive affirmations for more than one night to get good and consistent results! Remember with each negative thought removed, there is more space for a positive one.

10 positive affirmations for a good night’s sleep.

  • I have permission to fall asleep, I give myself permission to fall asleep
  • I will let go of all fear, worries, anger and blame. I will let go all my anxieties and stress
  • I will let go of all my negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts
  • I will let go of my chronic pain
  • May my dreams be peaceful
  • May tomorrow bring infinite possibilities for happiness in my life
  • I invite all the qualities of good sleep
  • I am tranquil and relaxed
  • I am looking forward to sleep
  • I am allowed to drift into a deep and peaceful sleep
  • With gratitude I welcome a good night’s sleep

Over to you….

  • Which of these positive bedtime affirmations will you try?
  • What helps you sleep more soundly even after a stressful day?
  • What negative beliefs do you hold on to that you are willing to let go?
  • What positive thoughts are you willing to replace them with?
  • Write your own positive affirmation…

Wishing you less pain and improved sleep, please feel free to share your own positive affirmations to help inspire others.

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