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Managing Symptoms Of Long COVID

Please Note There Are 2 Complimentary Offers To Help With
Long Covid On This Page

This Is The First Complementary Offer
Free Managing Symptons Of Long COVID Download

Using Hypnosis To Manage
Symptoms of Long COVID

This is my presentation at the 2021 Dave Elman Legacy Zoom Global Conference

  • As hypnotherapists/ health professionals, how can we help people manage their Long COVID symptoms?
  • Are you interested in the outcomes of case studies of people with Long COVID using hypnosis and other strategies to manage their symptoms?
  • Would you like to be kept informed of my forthcoming book and training sessions about Long COVID?

This Is The Second Complementary Offer
3 Audios To Help Manage The Symptons Of Long COVID

  • Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR): Quickly learn to recognise and distinguish tension and evoke feelings of calm.
  • Gift of Self- Healing: Improve your physical and mental state
  • Releasing Anxiety: Relax your mind and body as you release your anxiety