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Fighting Fatigue

Fed Up Of Being Tired? Let Me
Guide You Through The Tried & Tested
Fighting Fatigue Master Plan

“How To Crush Your Pain”

  • Sick and tired of feeling tired?
  • Fed up feeling constantly fatigued and in pain?
  • Would you like to be able to manage your pain and fatigue so you can get on with your life?
Dr Sue Peacock

Hi I’m Dr. Sue Peacock and having worked with many people with a wide variety of long term health conditions including chronic pain and fatigue, I have the knowledge and experience to develop an approach that works best for you!

So Many Of You Have Told Me That
Fatigue Is A Particular Problem For You.
If This Is You, Here Is Your
Fighting Fatigue Master Plan

Fighting Fatigue

We all have our ‘sticking points’ – those times when nothing seems to be working, particularly when we feel fatigued. Or you may notice that your pain is worse when you feel fatigued.

Special Price: Only £29.99

Please Note: You can only download the audios (and you need an App if using an Ipad). You do not receive any physical CD’s or books.

I can help you over these hurdles. You can contact me to get advice specific to you and your circumstances for just £29.99. As well as weekly access to me for 3 months via email initially, you will also get the techniques you need to combat fatigue and help you sleep in an e-guide and on 2 MP3’s, one specifically to manage your fatigue and the other your pain.

  • Let’s manage your fatigue effectively
  • Stop saying No and start saying YES to things you want to do
  • Improve your mood, stop feeling low and anxious
  • Increase your number of pain relieving strategies so you can potentially reduce your medication use, as many have tiredness & fatigue as side effects

For £29.99 you get:

  • An e-guide to help you understand your fatigue and some techniques to start to overcoming your fatigue
  • A MP3 to help you manage and overcome your fatigue using mind management techniques
  • A MP3 to help you to reduce your pain using a positive pain management mindset

Also Included: Interact With Me
And Others…

Included in your programme is access to the “A Pain In The Mind” Private Facebook Group. Join this group so that you can receive live questions and answer sessions on anything you need to check out in the Fighting Fatigue Master Plan programme. In addition this will give you an opportunity to receive additional support for you to control your pain.

Special Price: Only £29.99

Please Note: You can only download the audios (and you need an App if using an Ipad). You do not receive any physical CD’s or books.


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