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Lower back pain

Pain & Psychology

Although I consider pain from a psychological perspective, I’m aware that there is lots of discussion around the brain, the nervous system, your beliefs and emotions, so much so, that some people think pain is just about the pain and psychology… It’s not!

There is nothing real or imagined about pain. Whilst psychological factors can certainly influence the pain you feel, there is still a body that influences the brain and a brain that influences the body!

Sooner or later, 8 out of 10 of us will experience back pain, so let’s set the record straight by busting some popular back pain myths…

Busted – There are many reasons for back pain, such as disease like arthritis, injury, failed surgery, inherited conditions.

Busted – Psychological factors can impact on pain.

Busted – Resting can help a recent injury or strain that causes back pain. However a day or 2 in bed can make it worse.

Busted – Regular exercise can prevent back pain. Often exercise with gentle movements which gradually build up in intensity are recommended as a treatment for back pain

Busted – Research has shown that people with ongoing general back pain who slept on a medium hard mattress hurt less and were more able to move better than those who slept on a firm mattress. But one size doesn’t fit all; choose your mattress based on your sleeping habits as well as your pain.

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