What people say about Dr. Sue

“…after multiple surgeries had left me in long term pain bladder spine and kidney… to name but a few.

It was I must admit with considerable foreboding that I met Sue. What on earth could a psychologist do to help? Had the surgeons just given up trying?

Well cynical me could not have been more wrong. First misconception: its all psychobabble… I do not recall Sue ever babbling!

More misconceptions: it would be another quick appointment, the clinic would be running late, there would be lots of chat about pacing… meditation and battling the battle…Wrong again Sue was never running late, the appointment seemed to last as long as I wanted it to. In reality it must have been an hour but I was never ‘rushed’ away as is usual in hospitals. As for pacing… I think it was mentioned but my reaction clearly noted, Sue left that one out. Meditation and battles clearly got the same reaction so out the window they went too. Homework… yes I tried the sleep providing music tracks… and happily confessed I never made it past the first 45 seconds of each snoring so fast it… must have worked then!

What a sheer relief to be treated as a thinking walking talking patient, who needed to have self-belief to cope with chronic pain. Well Sue does that in bucketloads… sprinkled with humour the best therapy I have ever had. (and I’ve tried a few)!”

Jac Emkes

“Chronic pain can overpower your life in many ways and impact on partners. I may be different now through my illness but Sue has taught me that it’s ok to be me and start living a full life again…. she has a voice that will make you feel better as soon as she speaks.”

“I found Dr Sue Peacock a very professional, kind person who made me feel better during and after every consultation. It is a good thing to have her in your corner to get results”

Sian Williams

“just to thank you for the treatment that you gave to me, I cannot believe how quick it worked as my arm is back to normal which is unbelievable no more pain, thank you again”

Betty Vale

“After being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition and feeling like I had completely lost who I was, I felt there was nothing I could do. After just a few sessions I felt I’d gained so much of the old me and I could see a future again. I was then in a car accident and again Sue was a great help, getting me into a better place. Having such a big change in my life, has been very hard. With Sue’s help I know I’ve had someone helping me see the positives; when I couldn’t and find myself when I felt I’d lost myself.

Such a small thing but it’s meant the difference to me and my family of losing the person I was and keeping the person I am. We are all very grateful. Thank you.”


“After months of chronic pain and appointments and just feeling like a number and hitting rock bottom, I got offered pain management with Dr Sue Peacock, then the support group, so I thought why not and I took the plunge and it was the best decision I had made for a long time. The pain management course gave me great skills to learn how to cope with pain and to sleep again and these skills have stayed with me for many, many years as a great coping mechanism. The support group has also been a lifeline to keep going and it has given me a great place to go to once a month, as I found people in the same position as me that offered support, positiveness and friendship and best of all learning to laugh again. Nobody at the support group talks about pain as we are all in the same position so we can just be ourselves but if you are having a bad month there is all the people to help get you back on track and remind you of the coping skills you have learned so you can leave feeling positive. I have been involved with the pain support group for 10 years and it has been my lifesaver to coping with living with chronic pain as life would be very negative, dull and lonely without it and I know hand on heart I would not be where I am today if I had not found Dr Sue Peacock because when you live with chronic pain there is nothing better than friendship and laughter. Thank you Sue x”

Robyn McClay

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