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Pain control without drugs. Imagine what it would be like to reduce your pain.

Think that’s impossible . . . It isn’t and my patients prove it. Now you can benefit too.

So, what is the secret? I use scientific research about how our minds process pain to develop programmes and products to help you reduce it.

By following a simple routine, you can build your mental strength and control the messages your body is sending.

All my products and programmes are based on the latest scientific knowledge of how the brain processes pain. They are designed SPECIFICALLY to deal with pain. They will teach you how to change the way your brain interprets the messages your body is sending.

They are designed to fit in with your life. There are no impossible schedules or difficult routines. You will be able to carry on with your everyday life, but WITH MUCH LESS PAIN.

It’s YOUR perception of YOUR pain and it can be in YOUR control.

I am an expert in pain management with 20 years’ experience. Over the years, I have developed treatments and techniques which CONTROL pain. These rely on understanding pain, developing good routines for your lifestyle, knowing when to take action and learning to pace yourself.

I offer the sorts of targeted psychological services top sportspeople use. It’s about sharpening your attitude and committing to a programme which works. It’s as if you are training for a marathon and one you are going to finish in style. Your marathon is getting back in control of your pain.

Think of the advantages:

  • Cut down on those potentially addictive drugs
  • Take your life off hold and start living again
  • Start saying ‘yes’ to things you want to do again
  • Improve your mood, no more feeling anxious and low


COMPLIMENTARY OFFER – Feel More Comfortable Wearing Your Face Mask MP3

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, for some people, having to wear a face mask, has seen their anxiety risen to new heights. Knowing the health benefits doesn’t necessarily make us feel more comfortable about wearing face masks, as the reasons behind our anxiety can vary greatly. Some of these reasons can include feelings of claustrophobia, a gagging sensation, often our health anxiety kicks in because it’s a visual reminder of the pandemic, many people have fears around their oxygen levels and not being able to breathe. This complementary hypnotherapy audio will help you feel more comfortable wearing your face mask, should you require further help, please contact me

pain relief

COMPLIMENTARY OFFER – Understanding your pain e-guide and SOS pain relief MP3

Get my SOS pain relief audio MP3 – let’s turn down your pain and get relief from pain.

Use my e-guide to empower you to manage your pain.

Break the Pain Cycle in 28 days: Pain Busting Techniques for Every Day of the Month

Break the pain cycle in 28 days, by Dr Sue Peacock

“Exactly what you need for pain journaling.
Love this book 28 simple steps, one for each day and plenty of space to write my journey. Clear and easy to read and work through. Practical tips.
Worth the money and a great buy.”

Tina McDonald

Sleeping with Pain: Strategies for a restful night from a pain management expert

Sleeping with Pain Book by Dr Sue Peacock

“Take back control.
This is a wonderful book to take you gradually through steps to help yourself. Someone complained that this is a self-help book, but I can’t understand why anyone would not want to take control of their own pain. Dr Sue is clearly an expert and this book is of great value. It is written in such a way as to combine knowledge with action, to build upon exercises to gain better sleeping outcomes. ”

Lorna Harvey

Managing Chronic Pain in the Family: Help for all the family

“A must have book for family & managing pain. I found this book really helpful when talking to family about pain. The helpful techniques worked well. A good go to book.”
Kindle Buyer
How To Conquer Your Pain

FOR £9.97 – a complete package supporting to develop relaxation skills, one of the most beneficial skills to learn to manage your pain.

Fighting Fatigue

A Fighting Fatigue Master Plan, a tailored programme unique to you.

For just £29.99 :

  • Let’s manage your fatigue effectively
  • Stop saying No and start saying YES to things you want to do
  • Improve your mood, stop feeling low and anxious
  • Increase your number of pain relieving strategies so you can potentially reduce your medication use, as many have tiredness & fatigue as side effects