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My latest publication: Break the Pain Cycle in 28 Days

Break the pain cycle in 28 days, by Dr Sue PeacockI bang on all the time about the need for a routine if you are going to manage your chronic pain well. But for a lot of people it is difficult to get into a routine. I know from clients who come to me for psychological techniques for pain management, that it is very easy to start off well and then something intervenes and you lose track. It can be a family situation, or work pressures, or you can have a bad day when your pain gets worse and you just give up.

I decided to produce something which is do-able, easy to use and feels like a help rather than another mountain to climb. My answer is a simple diary which you can keep for just 28 days to break the pain cycle.

This diary is designed to help you lessen your pain within one month, 28 days. It sets out a different activity and tip for each day.

You will get the most out of the diary if you set some time aside every day to work through each day’s suggestion. There is a journal part for you to fill in writing your feelings and plans. This is a good way of psychologically ‘fixing’ the good helpful things in your life, it is also a good way of tracking what is going on.

The diary also offers tips such as:

  1. Change posture / position regularly (sit, walk, stand)
  2. Break tasks into smaller chunks. Stop before the pain increases, see previous page.
  3. Take frequent short breaks. Spread your activities over the day/over the week.
  4. Be prepared to ask for help / delegate jobs / say No.
  5. Gradually increase the amount you do as your body gets more tolerant of activity.

And it gives you daily tasks and goals so you are always working on something which will improve your ability to manage your own pain. I hope you like it.

It is available on Amazon for just £4.99. I hope you like it, do let me know.

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