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Manage your chronic pain like a FilmDirector:

An introduction to selfhypnosis


Okay I know we are going into a new phase, of re-entering normal life as lockdown eases, as some things we now can do and our we can’tlike attend events such as sporting fixtures and awards nights, which we can still watch on TV.

I decided then, to do a post about the benefits of hypnotherapy, and especially of self-hypnosis. I have been putting my theory into practice by running a ‘take your head on holiday’ session which uses these techniques to give you a virtual holiday experience when we cannot getthe real thing.

If you want to try out hypnotherapy, you are more than welcome to come and see me for a hypnotherapy session.


Self-hypnosis is easy, safe and very effective.

You might not know that hypnotherapy can help you help yourself. Self-hypnosis is easy, safeand very effective.

It means you can change how you think about things by using the power of your own mind. This is so important at the moment, when so many of us are finding it hard to keep our mental health good.

If you begin to feel mentally unwell then do contact your GP. They are still there for things other than Covid and they can help.

If you are feeling anxiety, or worrying constantly about your health, your finances or any other things which are about at the moment, then you may be able to help yourself.

I always advise looking after yourself. Take some time to work out what you need, whether that is time on your own, more exercise, a phone chat with a good friend and make sure that you do it. You deserve to keep yourself as well and as happy as you can.

Self-hypnosis can be very targeted. If you know a few simple techniques, you have a wonderful tool to help you control your anxiety, keep a positive outlook and generally increase your mental wellbeing.

So, you will know what it is which is making you most miserable. Obsessing with your own health or the virus, worries about the family or the future. It can be anything. Before you do this self-hypnosis below, think about what in your thinking patterns which is hurting you the most and concentrate on this. If there is more than one thing then concentrate on one, you can deal with the next tomorrow. Splitting up the problems is actually a good thing in itself, as it puts you in more control and makes it easier to see a way forward.



Just a few words on safety. Before you do a self-hypnosis session make sure you are in a safe environment. I often tell my clients to run through the sort of checks they would do before they leave home to go the shops. Check the oven is off, the back door is locked, that sort of thing.

Then tell the family to leave you alone for 20 minutes and you are ready.

I am going to tell you about one simple self-hypnosis many of my clients have found usefulto deal with anxiety. And you get to be a Filmdirector!



Let’s get started.

Take yourself somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Sit down and make yourselfcomfortable, breathe slowly and deeply and count backwards from 30 to one.

Now imagine you are in a lovely living room and you have a big TV just in front of you.

You turn the TV on and there you are on the screen. But it is not a wholly happy programme, you know something is wrong. The title of the programme flashes up, and it has your name and then it says ‘the anxious day.’

You watch as the programme begins, you see yourself and you are worried and stressed. How you thought and what triggered those thoughts is clear on the screen.

The programme comes to and end and you see a close-up of your worried and sad face. Then the TV turns itself off.

You sigh and wonder what will happen next.

As you sit there, the TV turns on again and a gentle kind voice says your name. ‘Things can be different.’ The voice says, let me show you how to make a programme of a happy anxiety free day. Let me teach you how to make your TV programme.

You get up and walk towards the TV, the next thing you know is you are on a TV set, you can see the cameras, there are actors awaiting your direction. A person smiling, holding a folder, walks up to you. They say: ‘Hi, I’m your scriptwriter, shall we get to work?’

They open the folder, and you see the script is your bad day, the one you saw on the TV. You sit down with the scriptwriter and you change everything you want to change. Then you go read the script, making a few more tweaks and corrections until it is perfect.

You take the folder and walk to the set. You know you are in charge and you will direct what happens on the set. You choose the actors you want and you give instructions to the camera person. All the actors take a copy of your script and you have a copy to.

The camera starts to roll and you watch the actors create your good day. You stop the action whenever you want do make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. Yourprogramme will be exactly as you want it to be.

When you are happy you shout ‘Cut’. Everyone gathers round and congratulates you on a job well done.

You wave goodbye and then find yourself in your room again, with the TV in front of you. As you turn to it you know what is going to happen.

It turns on, your name is on the screen, and it says . . . . you fill it in, it is your good day. You watch and you smile as you see how things can be better.

That’s it. It is that simple. Your mind has created a better solution and in doing so will have learned how to do this is in the real world. Give your subconscious time to work through and learn and remember. And notice over the next day those little differences coming through.

Hope this helps.


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