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An inspirational story of a lady who manages her chronic pain

Beth Thorp

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know some of the things I recommend as part of my pain management regime. I know these work for the clients I see in my pain management clinics in Bedford and Milton Keynes. While I was looking around the web I found this lovely story from a lady call Beth Thorp about how she manages her pain. She has a coping plan, she exercises even when she is in pain, she gets out in the fresh air even if she does not really feel up to it as a change of scenery, she belongs to a support group saying ‘until I joined this group I didn’t realize how helpful it would be to spend time with others like me.’ She is realistic, understanding that she will not always be able to do everything.

Thanks Beth, you are an inspiration and I will certainly be telling your story to my clients. I would advice you to add hypnotherapy to your toolbox. It is marvellous for helping you relax and focus and after some practise you can even learn to minimise the pain.

How biofeedback can empower you and help you control your pain

Article about biofeedback for pain managementOn the same site, the excellent practical pain management, I also found this useful article about biofeedback for pain management. The authors, David Cosio and Erica Lin describe various devices which can measure different sorts of bodily signs which might indicate pain, and the severity of pain. I know that sometimes this can all appear a bit too technical and even a bit intrusive. What this article sets out very well is how, properly used, biofeedback can empower patients. It describes a three-stage process.

First the patient gains awareness about how they respond to different stressors.

Second the patient uses the signals from biofeedback to learn to control these physical responses.

Finally, the patient learns to recognise and then control the triggers without the biofeedback machine. This involves daily mental exercises.

So, it is all about control. If you would like to know more than contact me as I work with non-invasive biofeedback neurostimulation and can help you use it to empower yourself to get in more control of your pain

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